Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis Foundation

Annual Club Gift

Has your Kiwanis Club ever donated to the PNW Kiwanis Foundation?

In some Divisions, every club has for many years; while others may have never. By October 15th clubs were to have approved their annual budget; so, did your club have a line item for our foundation? In November, clubs were to pay their invoiced annual dues for which the first quarter is also a good time to make your annual club donation to the PNW Kiwanis Foundation.

Contributions to the Annual Club Gift Campaign at any giving level are appreciated and help make a difference. The suggested giving level of $5.00 or more per member is recommended to help the Foundation meet the purposes for which it was chartered. A lump sum amount of any size works, too. If every Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis Club was to contribute on an annual basis, the PNW Kiwanis Foundation would be able to not only continue and expand its current service but also ensure a legacy of support to children and youth for years to come.

An annual club gift is remembered. When Grants are awarded for Club Projects, they are reviewed on at least these four criteria:

1. Those clubs who apply on time.
2. Those clubs who have their own skin in the game.
3. Those clubs who contributed to the PNWKF in the past and show a current need.
4. Those clubs who line up community partners.

Your contribution helps other clubs achieve a project that needs a boost, that provides scholarships, and funds CKI and Key Club Outreach.

Donate today.  Click here for a donation form in Adobe (pdf) format or donate today via PayPal.