Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis Foundation

Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (KCCP)

Your Foundation is Working to Help Children with Cancer

Over the years, Kiwanis clubs in the Pacific Northwest have raised millions of dollars to support innovative pediatric cancer research and cancer care.

The PNW Kiwanis Foundation is proud to be a partner in the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program and is ready to accept your contribution to help fund research fellows at children’s cancer hospitals serving Pacific Northwest children.

If you have a preference as to which hospital your contribution goes to (Portland, Seattle, or Vancouver BC), please let us know. You can also support the Portland hospital through the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program (KDCCP) or the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver BC through the Pacific Northwest Children's Cancer Society.

Remember that each of the three hospitals serves children from a wide catchment area, so children from your Pacific Northwest community are likely having their cancer treated at one of these three facilities.

Distinguished Service Award Contributions Can Support the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program

At a meeting held on January 14, 2012, the Foundation Board approved a motion that will allow 50% of a donation in support of a Distinguished Service Award to be used for the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program (at the donor’s request). If donors choose this option, they will also be able to choose which hospital to focus the funding (Seattle WA, Portland OR, or Vancouver BC) or to divide the funding between all three. This is a great way to recognize someone in your club while helping the good work of the Foundation – and helping fund research fellows at hospitals serving Pacific Northwest children with cancer.


Governor’s Projects typically last one year, but the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program is an exception. Inspired by a young girl Past Governor Frank Morehouse had met years ago, the program raises funds for pediatric cancer fellowships. While the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Hospital (KDCCP) program has raised millions of dollars over the years for this purpose, similar programs did not exist to support children’s cancer in other parts of the district.

After Governor Frank introduced the project in June 2010, 2011/12 Past Governor Claudell King (2011/12) and Governor-Elect Greg Holland committed to keeping KCCP as their Governor’s Project. This ensured continuity as the programs established themselves.

KDCCP could receive funds for the Doernbecher Program in Portland, and the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada agreed to receive funds for the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. It soon became apparent, however, that there was a need for a Foundation able to receive funds on behalf of the program generally, and able to receive funds specifically designated for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

That’s where the PNW Kiwanis Foundation came in...

March 2011: With the enthusiastic encouragement of the District leadership, KCCP Chair Pamela Smith, and KCCP committee member John Brookens, the PNW Kiwanis Foundation at the Midwinter Meeting in Bellingham WA agreed in principle to support the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program. John Brookens, a former Finance and Fundraising Chair for the District, was also approved as a Director on the PNW Kiwanis Foundation Board.

September 2011: After working out some final details, a letter of understanding was signed on behalf of the PNW Kiwanis District by Governor Frank Morehouse and District Secretary Cleve Parker and on behalf of the PNW Kiwanis Foundation by President Bill Packard and Secretary Jewell Bailey. Essentially, the letter indicated that:

  • The PNW Kiwanis Foundation will be the official (but not exclusive) receiver of funds for the Kiwanis Children’s Cancer Program;
  • Funds received for KCCP will be restricted for KCCP;
  • The PNW Kiwanis Foundation will provide tax receipts as requested by the donor for all donations over $100;
  • At each meeting of the Board, the KCCP Chair or the Governor will request funds be disbursed;
  • The Foundation will provide quarterly financial reports; and
  • Administrative fees will not exceed 4% of funds received, net of any fundraising expenses or credit charge processing fees.

Your gift can help a child who is battling cancer, and can help push us further towards a cure. Please make a donation today.