Pacific Northwest District Kiwanis Foundation

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Designated Grants

The PNW Kiwanis Foundation provides support for children, youth, and the disabled in the Pacific Northwest through grants designated for Kiwanis-sponsored projects.

Did you Know?

Not including scholarships, the PNW Kiwanis Foundation gave out more than $345,000 US in grants between 2002 and 2014-15.



The availability of grants is subject to funds being available once scholarships and other commitments have been funded.


Grants provide limited opportunities for Kiwanis clubs to receive financial assistance with a key project benefiting children or youth in their community. Funded projects may also provide an opportunity to generate exposure for the Foundation and its activities.

Grants must be in keeping with the purpose of the Foundation, which generally is to support children and youth in the Pacific Northwest (see the grant request form for specifics in that regard). Projects that fall outside the Pacific Northwest may be quite worthy of support but would not qualify for a grant from the Foundation.

Club Support

The Foundation does not want to support a project that is not supported by the local Kiwanis club. That is why all grant requests must be accompanied by a letter of support from the Kiwanis club.


The Board will endeavour to consider the grant request at their next meeting, but please keep in mind that requests should be sent at least 6-8 weeks prior to the Board meeting. Contact the Foundation Secretary to confirm the date of the next Board meeting and the deadline for submission.

Applying for a Grant

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please refer to the application form available here. The Board will notify the contact person listed on the form as to the outcome of the grant request.

PNWK Foundation - Recent Grants

Year Div # Sponsoring Kiwanis Club / Group Grant Amt. Project
2015 #66 KC: The Dalles $2,000 Improvement Kiwanis Pocket Park
2015 #78 KC: Prineville, Or. $1,000 Summer School Program
2015 #32 KC: Auburn, Wa. $3,000 One Day Project
2015 #32 KC: Black Diamond - Maple Valley $500 Back Pack Meal Program
2015   District Key Leader $1,500 Support Key Leader Program
2015 #38 KC: Hood Canal, Wa. $700 Builders Club-Field Trips
2015 #74 KC: Springfield, Or. $2,500 Saftey Mats for Gym Floor
2015 #74 KC: Emerald Empire, Or. $1000 Metropolitan Choral Festival
2014 #78 KC: Redmond, Or. $2,500 Park Improvement
2014 #46 KC: East Spokane, Wa. $1,000 Paint a Helment-Bicycle Safety
2014 #63 KC: Bridgetown, Or. $1,000 Reading Supplies/Jeanis Transition Place
2014 #17 KC: Parksville-Qualicum, BC $2,500 Reduced Rentals Seniors
  PNW PNW Kiwanis Foundation $7,000 PNW Key Scholarships (7)
  PNW PNW Kiwanis Foundation $7,000 PNW CKI Scholarships (5)

Please contact the Foundation Secretary for a complete list of grant recipients back to 2002.